Core Team

Mark Gregory – Game director

Mark has worked as a designer, producer & writer on titles such as Solarix, De-Void, UnderEarth & OAOA. Mark’s, game/level design, narrative and marketing knowledge will be essential to design and message Necropolis Suite will convey. Mark currently works at Flix Interactive working on Sea of Thieves as a game designer.

Stuart Ralph – Technical designer

Stuart is the technical designer behind Necropolis Suite, working closely with Mark & Christopher to ensure that gameplay and narrative both stay in sync. His experience in programming and design will help push the game to greater heights. Stuart currently works at Flix Interactive working on Sea of Thieves as a technical designer.

Scott Onions – Art director

Scott is the art lead at Freesphere, he is passionate about delivering a unique and unnerving experience for players using his knowledge of environmental storytelling and lighting. Upon joining Freesphere, Scott established clear and definitive art direction for Necropolis Suite and has vastly reduced the timescale and cost of our 3D art pipeline.

Josh Wardle – 3D artist

Josh recently has worked as a Junior Draughtsman for Sky on the Sci-fi TV Series Intergalactic where he was creating set environments in 3D to very tight deadlines. He is a graduate from Staffordshire University where he was studying VFX & Concept Design.

Aiden Wray – Concept artist

Aiden is a concept art graduate and a master’s student. He has done a number of projects through university related to dark themes which were inspired by his passion for thrillers and horror.

Christopher Maleney – Lead writer

As the lead writer of the Necropolis Suite, Christopher has helped craft the backstory, the characters, and much of the broader mythos for the world of the game. Due to the size of the development team, Christopher has been able to work closely with art and with game design, helping craft a unique, shared vision for the game that brings our fascinating story to life. Chris is currently working at Tencent on a AAA title.

Adam Richard – Audio engineer

Adam is a driven individual with an enthusiasm for creating rich and unique sounding experiences. Whilst his background is in film and TV, working on projects such as The Heart of the devil (2018), The Pact (2020) and the TV documentary War Above the Trenches (2017), he joined Freesphere in the search of working in a more interactive medium.

Paul Younger – Business development

Paul has been involved in video games for 25 years and has built multiple businesses in the sector which were subsequently acquired. Paul worked as a Managing Director on the editorial side of the videogame sector for more than a decade before moving into business development, sales, and marketing as a freelance consultant following the acquisition of his last company.


Anne Pogoda

Anne worked in the TV and film industry for about 4 years and gained experience in fields such as marketing art illustration, creative lead, and project management, as well as 3D animation. In 2015, Anne transitioned more towards the gaming industry and reshaped her artistic skills from a 2D illustrator to a concept artist who is also capable and confident with 3D. Anne worked on projects for ImagineFX, Phoenix Film, Teamworxx, FremantleMedia, UFA Film & TV GmBH, RTL Group, Pro 7, Cornelsen, Imagine Publishing, Focal Press, Zenescope Entertainment, Huion, XP-Pen, Frictional Games, and Ubisoft.

David Didi” Satzinger

Didi has worked as a concept artist, illustrator and graphic designer on titles such as Solarix, Amnesia: AMFP, Soma and Amnesia: Rebirth and is currently working as an art director and general visual designer since 5 years at Frictional Games. They consult Necropolis Suite mainly on visual direction.