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Necropolis Suite is an in-development horror game about uncovering the secret truths of the universe where madness is both your greatest enemy & strongest ally.

Whitechapel, London. You, Detective JP Chambers, are sent to the house of a madman who turned himself in to the police and confessed to impossible crimes. But what you find in those rooms will shatter the very nature of possibility, until what is left are the echoing nightmares and broken dreams lurking in the walls of THE NECROPOLIS SUITE.

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In the Press

Necropolis Suite seems to be a unique sort of horror experience. It’s equally inspired by the insight system of Bloodborne and experimentation of immersive sims like Dishonored, while its narrative seeks to be a combination of Gone Home and The Outer Wilds. TheGamer – Sept 2021

Necropolis Suite sounds like what happens when you take a pinch of Bloodborne, a dash of Gone Home, and a sprinkling of Hades and mix them togetherThe Escapist – Sept 2021

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